EmpireAvenue.com – Social Media Site Sells Stock In You

Businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals who are looking to gain further awareness of their brand or presence will find that Empire Avenue is a great way to expand, engage and evaluate their social media networks. Users of this virtual game and social platforms participate in missions and interact with others in order to gain virtual currency, called eaves, which can then be used to buy shares in other Empire Avenue users.

Social media is a great way to gain exposure and business, and this site will help you to further your brand. After creating your profile, you can link to your accounts with sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Flickr, Foursquare, Instagram, LinkedIn and your blog. You can then create missions to get people to take a specific action such as asking others to “like” your Facebook page in exchange for you giving them 100 eaves. This will help you to gain social proof, start new relationships and engage with your audience.

You’ll be able to earn more eaves, which will allow you to create more missions, by participating in the missions of others and through your own online social interactions. Empire Avenue has built-in algorithms which calculate your Network Scores on a daily basis. The more you interact with your audience on the site, as well as on your other social networks, the higher your scores and your share price will become. Your specific share price is determined by your activity on your top five social networks. This is a great way to evaluate your marketing and advertising campaigns. You’ll be able to see which platforms generate the most interest in your brand and then tailor future efforts to get similar results. This is also a good way to test out platforms in which you may not yet be active.

Another way to gain, or spend, your eaves and get your name spread further around the community, is to invest in other users. By becoming a shareholder in others you’ll gain brand recognition and earn dividends from their online activities. You can sell shares of yourself and those of the people in your portfolio, just as you would in real life. Remember to buy low and sell high for maximum profits!

By creating an online empire on Empire Avenue, you’ll be able combine work and play by participating in their unique platform of giving out virtual currency for game play, which is really quite fun, and expanding your network at the same time. It’s a great way to keep up your online presence and increase your profitability.

Check out my Empire Avenue profile here Anthony Trimble.

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