Why Social Media is Important to the Business of Today

When social media was first developed, it was used primarily to allow people to easily communicate with one another as friends, relatives, or acquaintances. As time went on, people discovered new ways to benefit from these websites. Today, social media is a tool commonly used in the business world for a variety of different purposes.


One of the most common business uses of social media is product promotion. By maintaining profiles on various social media websites, a business can create a new marketing channel for its brand. Using search engine optimization tactics, the business draws social media users to its profiles in hopes of converting them into consumers.

When a new user arrives on a business’s social media profile as a result of search engine optimization, chances are, that the user is already looking for the product or service the business offers. The role of the social media profile is to provide the user with more information about the product he is looking for, as well as, to entice him to purchase the product from the business that owns the profile.

Companies can also use social media websites for marketing by purchasing paid advertisements. For example, Facebook now offers businesses the opportunity to purchase simple picture or text-based advertisements that Facebook will place on the pages of the business’s target consumers. These advertisements link back to the business’s Facebook profile or to its official website.

Professional Connections

People in the business world frequently use social media to make connections with other professionals. Perhaps the most well known network utilized for this purpose is LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, a user can create a profile and use it to connect with former and current co-workers, potential employers, and anyone else he knows through his profession. LinkedIn allows people who have worked together in the past, to reconnect for future projects. Some professionals may also use LinkedIn to search for new positions.


Many businesses also use social media to communicate with consumers. When a company utilizes social media for this purpose, it will typically create profiles on several different platforms. The company will then make efforts to connect with former customers, as well as with potential consumers that may be interested in the business’s products. As the company updates the pages and makes posts, consumers connected to the profile are reminded of the company’s existence and will be more likely to make future purchases. The company can also use its profiles as a forum to promote new products and announce sales.

In addition, companies sometimes use their social media presence as a vehicle for obtaining feedback from consumers, as well as to provide customer service. Consumers post comments or concerns on the company’s page, and a representative of the company can respond publicly to the post. This not only provides the user with the answers he needs, but it also shows other consumers that the company cares about the people it serves.

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